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  • @extends


@augments <namepath>


The @augments or @extends tag marks a symbol as augmenting another symbol.

While current versions of JavaScript don’t allow classes or subclasses in the same way that class-based languages like Java do, many programmers choose to think of their code structure in these terms. For this purpose JSDoc provides the @class and @extends tags. If you wish to express a similar relationship between two symbols, but don’t wish to promote the classical analogy, you can use the @contructor and @augments tags instead.


In the example below I wish to document the fact that Ducks are a specialised form of Animal: meaning that Duck instances are like Animal instances which have been augmented with additional properties.

Documenting a class/subclass type of relationship.
 * @constructor
function Animal() {
    /** Is this animal alive? */
    this.alive = true;

 * @constructor
 * @augments Animal
function Duck() {
Duck.prototype = new Animal();

/** What do ducks say? */
Duck.prototype.speak = function() {
    if (this.alive) {

var d = new Duck();
d.speak(); // Quack!
d.alive = false; // dead duck?

A related pattern can be documented with the @mixin and @mixes tags. Or, if the augmented symbol is only reusing one or two members of another symbol, you may find the @borrows tag more convenient.

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